How to make healthy Indian food at home

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The fragrant aromas and vivid colors of Indian food can whip up appetites like few other cuisines can! With the number of options available in Indian food, you can never get bored of the cuisine or run out of exciting dishes to make. From spicy to subtle, Indian cuisine has dishes that cover the entire spectrum of tastes, but to truly make it a part of your everyday diet you need to make it healthy and nutritious. Here is how, with a few quick changes, you can start making healthy Indian food at your home –

• Start using organic ingredients – Organic foods are free from fertilisers and pesticides, and are in the form nature intended them to be. Organic foods are natural and processed without any additives, which means the nutrients and minerals remain in their purest form. This is especially true for spices like turmeric, pepper, and chilli.

You can use a lot of organic spices and organic curry powder in your foods to ensure your family’s nutrition is not compromised! But do make sure they are certified organic products, as a lot of people are jumping on the organic bandwagon but do not adhere to the principles of organic food.

• Use fresh ingredients – Indians use a lot of fresh ingredients in their cooking. It is the fresh and natural ingredients that bring the authentic taste to Indian foods. Ensure you use locally available vegetables, herbs, and other ingredients in your cooking; you can even grow your own herbs and vegetables at home. Local foods are often healthier as they are not processed, in turn, they are also preservative free and excellent for the health of your family!

• Go gluten free – Traditionally, a lot of Indian foods use local food grains other than wheat, like rice and millets, which are gluten free. With the increase in gluten intolerance, you want to make sure your cooking is as gluten free as possible. Rice and rice products are probably the best gluten-free foods that can be easily used as a part of Indian cooking.

There are a lot of gluten free products like gluten free curry powder, and gluten free curry mixes available today. Use them to enhance the flavour of your foods while adhering to your gluten free regime.

• Turn vegetarian – More than 30% of Indians are vegetarians and vegetarianism is a way of life in India. At almost every important occasion, only vegetarian food is served - even the desserts are vegetarian! This gives you a lot of vegetarian options to choose from. The only concern, however , is that a lot of Indian foods use cream, clarified butter and yoghurt which are not vegan.

However, Indian cuisine also has several foods that are vegan and can be incorporated into your healthy lifestyle. You can use vegetable oils like coconut oil and sunflower oil for cooking and a lot of nuts and seeds for flavour. Or swap out the cream for coconut cream in curry recipes.

You can now start cooking healthy Indian Food by choosing these options! 

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