The Dance Of Cooking

Cooking is a therapy for a lot of us, a time when we settle into a rhythm and create nutritious and delicious foods for ourselves and others. This often involves our full attention and intention of love and nourishment. Have you ever noticed how good food tastes and feels when it was made with loads of fun and love?

This being said I have a suggestion for you to take the flavour and nourishment of your foods to the next level…. it’s dance

That’s right! one of the most flavourful spices of all is the spice of life, and sprinkling that goodness all over your cooking will have you feeling and tasting the difference.

There are many benefits of dance supported by research. Dance improves your heart health, overall muscle strength, balance and coordination, and reduces depression. These benefits have been seen across a variety of ages and demographics.

As well as being a physical and mental benefit, dance fills the space between tasks which fills moments with presence and states of flow. I’ve found personally that it improves clarity and purpose with imagination and quickly frees you from concern.

I urge you to add some movement, music and passion into your daily cooking and feel your soul burst with with more love and fun.


jess Holdsworth