Natural or Organic?

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What's the difference between natural and organic?

Organic food must be grown, processed packed and handled in a certain way in order for it to be classed as organic. It is produced in a chemical, pesticide free environment and it takes several years for most farms and producers to become certified. There are strict guidelines for this and it is regulated by various certification bodies in order for a product to be sold and labelled as certified.

Products that have organic on the label don’t necessarily mean they are certified, so you can’t be sure unless it holds a certification stamp on the packaging somewhere.

Natural foods may be grown in similar ways to organic or they may just not contain additives and preservatives. It is hard to be sure so reading the label or researching the company or farm is important if you are trying to lead a chemical free life. As natural products will have no certification stamp.

What does certified organic mean?

Certified organic means that the farm, producer, processor, packer must meet the certified organic standards of one of the several certifiers.

It means that the food or product has been grown or produced using no products that have had any contact with chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers and has not been irradiated.

The farming or production methods must be clean, sustainable and kind to the earth.

Another important factor is that no GMO’s (genetically modified organisms) can be used in organics in seed, crops and even in feed for the animals.

At Love my Earth all of our products are certified by Australia Certified organic so you can be sure that they meet not only our standards but this well recognised certification body.

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