Kunara Workshop - Plant Power Curries 10th May 2018

Love My Earth is very excited to announce their first evening event with Kunara on the 10th May. You can buy tickets online via the Kunara website link below.

Love spices but not sure how to incorporate them into your weekly meal? Jess will show you how easy it is to make delicious and nutritious plant based Indian inspired curries at home, with recipes your whole family will enjoy. Learn how to make these simple curries packed full of flavour using Jess’s range of Love my Earth gluten free, certified organic spice mixes and basmati rices.

The workshop will include:

How spices can improve your health

Jess’s 22 ways to use spices

5 timesaver recipes to create at home

○ One pot rice & vegetable korma

○ Chilli free Potato and Pea curry

○ Mexican Bean Curry

○ Vegan Butter Masala

○ Raw tandoori cashew sauce

○ Free Recipe EBook

Sampling and tasting of all the dishes during the workshop.

ABOUT Jessica:

Sunshine coast local Jessica spent time growing up on an organic farm. Living a hundred kilometers from any shop, she learnt to cook from what was available in the garden, and experimenting with an amazing spice collection. Her love of cooking and values around food started there. Jessica discovered she wanted to help more people to become healthy and happy and encourage people to lead more of an organic lifestyle. Jessica travelled to India to help local communities and on her journey, Love My Earth was born.