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Event: Sensory Sessions | Mumbai Chai Tea

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Saturday session now SOLD OUT

Join Jess, the Founder of Love my Earth, for an immersive 2-hour sensory experience of herbs and spices. 

This intimate small-group event is set to change the way you experience flavours and fragrances for good.

Allow us to take you on an aromatic journey that will awaken your senses and allow you to connect more deeply with your food than ever before.

Jess has a deep passion for herbs and spices and their incredible potential to not only invigorate our food, but to heal the mind and body. Now, she would like to welcome you into her home to share this passion with you.

In this workshop, you will journey through a selection of 7 herbs and spices used to create a traditional Mumbai Chai TeaBeginning with an organic tea ceremony, you will be guided to smell, touch and taste these unique spices and discover their properties.

You will learn about their rich history throughout the ages, their medicinal uses, and what they can offer to your everyday cooking. We will then dive into the deeper layers of these magical and potent spices, and how you can use them to ground into your senses, heart and present moment.

You will savour every moment of this workshop, and will walk away with a lifelong appreciation for the pleasures of herbs and spices.

When: 10am-12pm, Sat November 7 2020
Where: Coolum Beach, Queensland
Cost: $25

This sensory experience includes:

2 hours at the Love My Earth Herb & Spicery in Coolum Beach 

Organic tea ceremony and tasting

An immersive journey of 7 herbs and spices

Morning tea

Take-home goodies

You will discover:

The rituals and histories of these spices

Their Ayurvedic, medicinal and spiritual properties 

Culinary matching and uses

Recipe ideas for your take-home samples

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