Love My Earth Organic Brown Basmati Rice

Love My Earth Organic Brown Basmati Rice


Love My Earth’s very own authentic Organic Basmati Rice is a true reflection of superior quality and flavour. We source the highest grade of organic rice to deliver you food in its purest state and most wholesome form, exactly how nature intended it to be.

Brown basmati rice is known for it’s delicious flavour, long grains and is a healthier alternative to white rice.


Just Add Water

Cook in 10 Mins

100% Certified Organic

Vegan Friendly

[ Chilli rating ] NA

100% Australian Owned


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Make this delicious basmati in 4 quick steps

1.       Rinse 1 cup of basmati rice

2.         Add rice to a saucepan and 2 cups of water

3.         Bring to the boil

4.         Reduce to a low heat and cook for 25-30 mins with the lid on


Serve this delicious rice in so many ways.

Serving suggestions•  Curries  •  Dahl  •  Casseroles  •  Salads  •  Fresh herbs  

Recipe variations at step 2

            •           Add 1 teaspoon of oil and fry a teaspoon of cumin seeds for flavour

            •           Add a pinch of turmeric to add colour

            •           Add ½ cup of small chopped vegetables or meat for a complete meal

            •           Add 1 teaspoon of oil and fry a teaspoon of curry powder for flavour and colour


Ingredients: Organic Brown Basmati Rice 

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Allergen Advice: This product is made in the same facility where nuts, soy and wheat are also processed.

Store product in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.